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This transitional guidance applies only to information returns filed or furnished by brokers. In contrast, taxpayers are still required to report any income they receive from transactions involving digital assets. They are also required to answer the digital asset question on page 1 of either Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR. The existing regulations under section 6045A require transfer statements to include specified information about the customer, the brokers involved, and the original acquisition information about the covered security. Brokers must furnish the transfer statements required under section 6045A not later than 15 days after the date of the transfer. The existing treasury regulations under section 6045A do not specifically address the extent to which these requirements apply to transfers of digital assets which were not subject to reporting prior to the enactment of the Infrastructure Act.

How do you grow a crypto blog?

Everything boils down to consistent writing. Creating two to three quality content within the word count of 900 to 2000 words is one of the most effective ways to grow a thriving crypto blog. According to research, blogs that publish at least 12 posts monthly get 3.5 times results in term or visitors and conversion.

A wonderful blog for cryptocurrency miners and users of Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ethereum , ZCash and many others. Coinmonks is a non-profit Crypto educational publication which provides the very latest industry news and analysis. ZyCrypto is a Cryptocurrency News media, converging on daily news, expert WAVES opinions, analysis, reviews, and so much more.

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The crypto blogs’s Compass Technical View is a minimalist crypto blog that brings you in-depth analytical pieces about cryptocurrencies and other markets. It’s perfect for those looking to delve deeper into specific coins, their prices, and future predictions. Using a very sleek design and focusing on a mixture of content, news, and crypto prices, Coindoo is not a cryptocurrency blog you should miss.

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It has been quoted by CNBC, Bloomberg, and many other mainstream and fringe news outlets. Established in October 2013, the bloggers behind the news outlet recognize the needs of the crypto community, from enthusiasts, novices, and traders to curious bystanders. They are dedicated to gathering unbiased news and facts about the latest coins and sharing them in a way their readers easily understand.


Cointelegraph is one of the older players in this industry, founded in 2013. Since then, this crypto blog has covered many important events in the crypto world. Crypto Briefing is a stellar example of an excellent cryptocurrency blog, not only for its outstanding design and a constant flow of quality content but for another important thing — its goal. The creators founded it to highlight true crypto users and contribute to eliminating scammers. The site was established in 2013 and quickly became the most trusted source for coin prices by investors, traders, and financial institutions.

Investing.com covers not just cryptocurrency news but also news about stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. For savvy investors new to cryptocurrency, this is a great resource not just to understand the different tokens but also to monitor their price indices. Founded in 2016, CryptoNinjas is a global news and research portal that supplies market and industry information on the cryptocurrency space, bitcoin, blockchains, and distributed ledger technology . CryptoNinjas aims to expand knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Covers news, opinions, trends and helpful articles on Fintech, digital assets, blockchain technology and other related technologies.

We are an open and international community of 15,000 contributing writers BTC publishing stories and expertise for 3,000,000 curious and insightful monthly readers. CoinSpeaker is the speaker in Finance World covering everything from Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Blockchain to Fintech and Stock Markets. We’re featuring a mix of regular news, tech wraps, daily and weekly Market Updates, expert interviews, and much more. CryptoDaily tends to focus on major price movements, industry trends, and key Web3 company updates. In its schedule of largest unsecured creditors, BlockFi listed a $729 million unsecured claim on account of an indenture .

It’s a free education platform that helps users quickly learn about crypto through engaging guides, an extensive glossary, and a comprehensive knowledge base. They also have helpful resources for those still unconvinced about the potential of cryptocurrencies. The site is run by a team of seasoned cryptocurrency and blockchain bloggers, primarily located in Bulgaria. They are the main contributors who publish various Bitcoin and altcoin analyses, expert interviews and opinions, and the latest developments in the crypto industry. Investopedia is a leading publication containing various resources about traditional and emerging investment assets.


Crypto Briefing exists to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency into mainstream life. Celsius was unable to offer Custody accounts to users in nine states due to regulatory issues. For customers in those states, the company purported to maintain Withhold accounts as a temporary substitute. These funds were unavailable for either Custody accounts or the Earn program, and customers were advised to withdraw them.

The Examiner’s report https://www.beaxy.com/s important factual backdrop for that rapidly approaching litigation, the outcome of which will certainly have dramatic consequences of customers’ ultimate recoveries. Brokers must furnish payee statements to customers by February 15 of the year following the calendar year of the sale. Brokers must file information returns on Form 1099-B, Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions, with the IRS by February 28 of the year following the calendar year of the sale. Investors onboarding onto exchanges or trading platforms or entering into new trading relationships should closely review trading documentation to ensure their assets are treated as they expect. Are you lending the digital assets as a secured lender, or entering into a repurchase arrangements for digital assets where title is transferred? If and when is the exchange or counterparty permitted to rehypothecate digital assets?

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CryptoPotato provides extensive guides for getting started with digital currencies like Bitcoin, and you can access the site in various languages. When it comes to crypto articles, most topics are on the technical aspect, such as creating your own coins, harnessing the power of blockchain, and many others. It’s a haven for developers who wish to get their feet wet with blockchain and start developing apps for this new technology.

  • If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, check out the Learn Crypto site.
  • They also have several learning modules to teach novices the basics of crypto trading.
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  • The team regularly puts out very thorough reviews of crypto exchanges, apps, and products.
  • Shoba Pillay, the Examiner appointed in Celsius’ bankruptcy cases, filed her interim report on November 19, 2022.
  • It features a nice design with an emphasis on content and constant updates about everything crypto.

We offer spot trading, margin trading, advanced order types, and margin funding for low-risk returns. Based in the UK, Blockonomi is one of the more well-known blockchain and web3 blogs in the industry. The team regularly puts out very thorough reviews of crypto exchanges, apps, and products.

Use The crypto blogs presents the most important and relevant Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news. They cover all things from new coins, ICOs, and Blockchain information. Email us the type of bloggers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at We’ll share blogger’s data in an Excel or CSV format. About – Cryptocurrencies simplified- Information, education & insight from an unbiased source. Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology explained- for the rest of us. The Crypto Basic is focused on covering the most important topics of cryptocurrency for beginners.


It also listed a $250 million unsecured loan from FTX US and an undersecured “institutional loan” in the amount of $21.67 million. The remaining claims were identified as client claims and the customers were not identified. Mr. Ray’s prepared remarks are available online and are a worthwhile read to learn more about the controls and governance failures at FTX, as well as Ray’s restructuring plan. Thus, the resolution of these cases will go a long way towards drawing a line between opportunistic trading strategies and illegal market manipulation. Metaverse Explained with Examples Since the onset of the crypto space, there has been news about something new within the ecosystem Read More…